Watching President Obama’s Inarguration

Here’s my tribute to today’s mind blowing event:

Queen Moon in the house
spittin true
Today is OUR DAY
and I’m looking back
20 years we were led astray
made to feel like our hands were tied
the media chained, hobbled us
told us a pack of lies
but now our Ancestors
rise up and walk
speak of the Nile
of royalty and brilliance
that was always ours
of a Sister named Moses
running through the woods
slave catchers at her back
of demonstrations when
police dogs attacked —
of lawyers, teachers, inventors
and more…
this is when and where we Enter
and I’m standing with Zora, Octavia
James and Richard at my back
carrying our load of dreams in my sack
let’s shake things up!
Let’s make it real!
Compared to what?
Compared to us
and what we feel!

“Our voice is powerful!
Our voice is change!
Our voice cannot be silenced!
We are voice of the people

Naomi – Immortal II: The Time of Legend
Copyright Valjeanne Jeffers (Sister Moon) 2009 all rights reserved


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