SciFi HIP HOP..taking rap to the next intergalactic level

Sexy Sister Moon on the mic
representing for the scifi queens
drum roll now if you please…
I part my lips and muddy rivers
pour from my tongue
dip my pen to ink —
and the souls of Black folk
shape shift before I’m done
Ancestors beat a funky refrain through my soul
Miles and Coltrane blowing
the story that must be told
my mistress eyes are nothing like
the sun
but strong, honeyed wine —
pounded grapes from an African son…

So now I’ll blow
can you hear me yo?
On the seventh hour of the seventh day
in a galaxy far far away
a legend was born
a queen — full of stardust
and dreams
she grew to shape shift between time
and in her journey encountered
a chump who thought he could rhyme
“I’m the sire,” he squeeked
“You’re tired” she replied
“a speak of dirt on the windshield of my journey”
and with these words she departed
leaving him brokenhearted
I can’t be held down
I gotta get on my grind…
Copyright 2008 Valjeanne Jeffers (Sister Moon) all rights reserved

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