More scifi hip hop…from :)!

Spandex wearing Black Barberella is in the house
Sexy as you please with laser gun in hand
I’m bringin predators to their knees
chopping aliens to bits — I got equilibrium
skills — flippin and slicing I aim to kill
I ain’t scared of s–t I got the planet’s back
I’m making my stand protecting my hood
Earthings fear not — it’s all good!
Bararella is here to quiet your fears
You can sleep safe at night
knowing your Nubian savior is near…

Queen Sharise you got mad skills– I give you your props!!!
Now let Sister Moon take the stage –Nubian goddess of fire
I wanna tell a story to take my people higher
remind them of how we ruled centuries ago
wake em up from their madness
begin a new flow
with the claws of wolf and razor teeth as well
I’ll rip through racist monsters — send em straight to hell
tear up sexist stereotypes — shatter their spines
make these m—-f—kers know this world is mine!!!
and when the revolution is over snag my copy of Taste
and smooth as you please swing by my man’s place
well read it together Queen you know the rest
cause when it comes to writing erotica Sister Sharise you the best!


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