An impromptu review of PurpleZoe’s glorious Mag

After savoring the latest issue of PurpleMag, #7, I decided to examine the feelings that crept over me while reading. Was it elation that I, Valjeanne Jeffers, was featured in a magazine I so thoroughly admire? Oh, most definitely.
As I read the interview with science fiction author Cailloux Williams, the poetry of Min, an article exposing forced human drug trials, a review of Zuda’s acclaimed comic Bayou , not to mention the writings of Queen Zoe herself… I couldn’t help but think: “Here are my offerings, nestled alongside them!”
But there’s more to it that that. I’d sat down angry over the awful haircut my last barber gave me (not my regular guy) worried about traffic tickets, and wondering how best to sever ties with an obnoxious boss.
Then I started to read and a calm stole over me. I paid special attention to the directions for weeding psyche baggage; mentally book-marked a regime for organic dental cleansing. And I found myself imagining just how delicious a recipe for “green ice cream” would taste. All this and more is depicted against an amazing backdrop of sketches, paintings and photography.
So I decided to write an impromptu review. And, tweaking a remedy from Sister’s Zoe’s pages, list the purple adjectives that always describe her Mag: delectable, lush, informative, sexy, outrageous, magical, nonconformist, indie. Enjoy!


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