Immortal. . .spicy sneak peek

Karla stood on the porch, dressed only in her nightshirt. How had she come to be here? Was she still dreaming? Yes, that was it. It felt like one…more like a dream than any she’d had in years.The buildings around her were cloaked in mist, the streetlamps, lifeless globes.

The night moons encircled with a silver nimbus of clouds. The smell, what was that smell? So familiar? So enticing? She saw now that the fog was tinged with red and green smoke. Rush smoke…! I’ve been breathing it! But for how long?

Her body answered her. Every nerve ending in her body seemed to come alive. A surge of desire so intense, it was almost painful, rocked her senses. Her nipples grew hard beneath her gown. She could feel the dampness between her thighs.

Karla gripped the railing, trying to steady herself, while a voice from deep within her, cried out in protest.

And she was not alone. The unhurried, tapping of footsteps moved through the fog. She wanted to turn and go back inside.

To flee from this place. To stay forever.To wake from this dream. To never awaken.

Now, footfalls echoed just below her and Karla uttered a loan moan of
fear/desire. Then **** stood at her side, and lust pushed aside her terror – the lust to embrace the primal: to conquer it with her own wanting.

Karla studied the sharp, angular planes of his face. The last time they were together, he’d worn a different face.But she knew him. She’d known him since the very beginning. He had killed for her more than once.

And this knowing stroked her vanity.

Without a word, he took her in his arms and began to kiss her hungrily. In one quick gesture he ripped her gown from throat to pelvis, pushing one hand into the small of her back and with the other, stroking her breasts and pubis.

The voice in her mind grew louder. You are being consumed! it screamed. He is a murderer, a defiler of innocents! Just for now, she whispered back.

She clutched him, pressing her body against him. “Come inside.” He shook his head and for an instant, glared at her with such rage and passion, that she drew back in fear… before he bent his mouth to hers once more.

She thought he would take her right there. Instead he lifted her in his arms, and carried her down the steps.Karla’s dread returned – like that of a somnambulist who awakes to find herself teetering on the edge of a cliff.

How could she let this inhuman creature carry her away, even in the midst of a dream? He was a daemon who would devour more than her body.

He would devour her soul.

For the first time **** spoke: “Sleep…” She twisted in his arms, kicking and punching, but his grip was like iron. Karla felt her lids grow heavy.

He took flight, and she slept in his cold embrace.Three ravens glided alongside them – without warning they attacked, pecking at his arms and face. He hissed like a snake, and they burst into flames…

Valjeanne Jeffers copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Immortal is available at AMAZON BARNES AND NOBLE
The Durham County Library Durham NC


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