Sweet Thing by Quinton Veal (excerpt)

Your dark brown eyes are forever… getting lost in them happens to me every time. Just a hug and kiss will settle all your needs

me passionately whispering in your ear and taking your earlobes as I softly play with them in between my lips. Moving my lips to the back of your neck slipping away both sides of your bra straps draped around your shoulders for support of your heavenly chest.

Feel as my mouth goes down the middle of your back as my tongue tickles… the beginning of you feeling me in a place …

Sweet thing you will always be to me fragile and beautiful as can be the perfect lover… so delicate to keep baby…you are the owner and you only have the master key to my heart.

Copyright Quinton Veal 2008 all rights reserved
From Her Black Body I Treasure
available at Smashwords Amazon Barnes & Noble


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