Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Dear Ms. Jeffers:

Thank you for writing your Representative in support of moving health reform forward. It’s time you had health care freedom – keeping the good insurance you have through your job, or choosing decent insurance you can actually afford with a choice of doctors who provide quality care, and the security of knowing you can’t be denied coverage if you lose or change jobs, move or get sick.

But we can’t get that freedom if Washington gives in to the special interests or plays politics as usual. The House of Representatives is on the brink of passing a major reform bill that will make sure all Americans have access to good, affordable health coverage. But the powerful insurance industry opposes key reforms in the measure. Help us take them on and let Congress know how important it is health reform gets pased this year.

Take a moment to forward the message below to your friends and family, so they can lend their voices to this important fight.


DeAnn Friedholm, PrescriptionforChange.org
A project of Consumers Union
1101 17th Street NW,
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036

============FORWARD THE MESSAGE BELOW==========

Never before have our voices on health care been more important–and I hope you will join me by sending a quick message from Consumers Union’s health reform site, PrescriptionForChange.org.

The House of Representatives is on the brink of passing a health reform bill that will make sure you can always get the affordable coverage you need, even if you lose your job, hit a rough financial patch, or get seriously ill. And it will put the brakes on runaway insurance costs that are eating up your paycheck, and putting the businesses you work for on the brink.

The nation’s largest organization of doctors — the American Medical Association — just endorsed the House plan. But guess who opposes key reforms in it? The insurance industry. And they’re spending part of your health insurance premium lobbying against tough new rules to make coverage more affordable and fair. They sure don’t want new competition that may force them to treat you better and lower their prices.

Your member of Congress is hearing every day from these lobbyists. Make sure they hear what you their hometown constituent wants in health reform.

Join me in telling Congress to pass health reform before they leave Washington in August for their summer recess. Politicians promised to tackle health reform this year — doing nothing is not a solution to our skyrocketing health care costs.

Send an email right now and keep up the momentum at http://www.prescriptionforchange.org/.

Thank you!


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