Praise of Immortal II: The Time of Legend

“It is the year of our one, 2587 … in the great city-state of Topaz. Karla and Joseph escape from the soulless Tehotep through a mystic wormhole summoned by the Guardian Opal, and find themselves 400 years in the past. It is The Time of Legend.

Immortal II is a whirlwind of mysticism, intrigue, and horror. Its characters are deep and palatable. Its landscapes are beautiful and tragic. Valjeanne Jeffers is a master at weaving a tale that combines eroticism, metaphysics, and hard science fiction in a way that is natural and addictive.

No other piece reads like the Immortal series. The experiencer is transported to a place where one forgets that they are reading – but instead finds themselves living the characters; breathing in step with each passing page. Ms. Jeffers creates a tormented antagonist in Tehotep. A Daeman … someone I grew to hate in book I, but almost felt sorry for in Immortal II … almost.

Karla, a beautiful Indigo woman – her presence in the world spanning across time: her memories reaching back to her lover Joseph: a handsome copper man. His integrity and insight captures Karla’s heart in a world and place beyond even the Time of Legend.

The Immortal series is a self-contained universe: complete with it’s own language, history, and culture. If you dig intelligent speculative fiction seasoned with eroticism and mysticism, then run to this piece. I can’t recommend Immortal II enough. And if you haven’t already, treat yourself to Immortal: book I!!!!”

Edward Uzzle, author of Retro-KM: Lord of the Landlords, and NETERS.

Immortal I & II at
& Scribd


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