My Flow

What’s your copesthetic?

I churn like rivers rich and muddy
past a southbound railroad
the smell of molasses,
honeysuckle and fatback
in my nostrils

Move angry and gentle
floating on a peach horizon
that wakes the day and kisses
it goodnight

Rotate with an R& B bass
Blues not far behind — the jazz and
rock n roll it spawned in my ear

Like the rich, black soil of Georgia
a sponge giving and receiving
fantastic creatures that
gyrate in your nightmares
whisper in your dreams

Love-doings hot,
funky, savored
flavors my soul
and I dare to speak
eternity to my man

I leap on the sceams of my ancestors
a drumbeat pounding in my spirit
that will not be denied
Let me strain and give birth
to those riding under my skin —
these fierce, hot beings
that yearn to awaken

What’s your flow?
What’s your essence?

Tell the story….

Copyright Valjeanne Jeffers 2010 all rights reserved


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