Fake Census Letters!

The House of Representatives voted today 416-0 to ban misleading fundraising letters disguised as 2010 Census forms.

Our Republican counterparts at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently sent out deceptive political fundraising letters that looked like U.S. Census letters so they could fill their campaign accounts with cash from a misleading and deceptive fake census letter, leaving taxpayers like us to foot the bill!

The Census Bureau was concerned that these misleading mailings would undermine response rates for the official census forms, which arrive in mailboxes next week. By misleading and confusing Americans about which forms to return, lower mail response rates of census forms increase government costs because a census employee is sent to every home that does not respond by mail.

The US Census estimates every one percent decrease in the mail response rate costs taxpayers approximately $85 million to send census workers back to re-count.

Republicans once again made clear they will do anything for campaign cash. The news of these fake Census surveys comes on the heels of the leaked outrageously offensive RNC presentation which showed they planned to use fear through socialist imagery to win the elections next November.

You have my assurance that the DCCC will never send anything like this to you, our valued supporters, or to any American taxpayer.

Please take this time to forward this information to your friends and family to warn and make sure they are filling out their official US Census form.

Thank you,

Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director

P.S. If you see any other deceptive mailings like these or receive any dishonest robocalls at your home, please contact Democratic headquarters at (202) 741-1350 to our tip comment line or email us at info@dccc.org. You can also alert us to Republican smears on our Rapid Response Tips page and get our latest Rapid Response alerts in your web browser with our 2010 Campaign Action Bar.


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