Stop Voter Supression Dead in Its Tracks!!

Dear Valjeanne,

We took a big step towards progress in 2008.1 But unless we vote on Tuesday with the same fire and intensity, we will lose — and lose big.

The Tea Party and their right-wing allies understand this all too well — which explains why they’ve been working to suppress minority votes across the country.2,3 In Houston, the Department of Justice is investigating after complaints that a Tea Party group intimidated voters.4,5 And in Wisconsin, a plot was uncovered that would have targeted Black and young voting communities with an illegal voter suppression scheme.6

This shows us just how much is at stake in this election. The fact is that these folks are trying to drastically remake our country. Right-wing candidates are already talking about the things they’d like to do if they get elected — things like undermining social security, and repealing the minimum wage and health care reform. There’s even talk of impeaching President Obama.

It’s up to us to stop this. Yes, these last two years have been difficult for most us, but the America we’ll see if we don’t vote will be even worse. Any forward momentum we’ve gained over the last two years will grind to a stop. That’s why it’s so important that you vote, and that you encourage your friends and family members to do the same.

If you have any doubt on your polling location click

If you have friends and family who might need a nudge, please give it to them. We’ll all feel a little bit better on Wednesday if we do, and the difference it will make for the next two years will be huge.

Thanks and Peace,

— James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Natasha, and the rest of the team
November 1st, 2010

P.S. We made a short video with our partners at that shows exactly what’s at stake in this election. If you haven’t seen it, please be sure to check it out here, and to share this video with others.

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