The Switch II: Clockwork…Coming this Spring!

The black-garbed officials soared toward their company hub, their jet-blasters strapped to their backs–flying past the clear tunnels that webbed across the city. York’s beige and white towers were framed by the night sky.
Kilo, the pudgy constable on the right, dipped expertly to avoid a hover craft. “What did you think of her?”
“Who? Ms. high class, stick up her a** Z100?” Dazz asked. He was a thin, swarthy man.
Although there was a quarter mile between them, connection chips in their helmets made their speech clear and sharp.
“No your mother. Yeah, Z.”
Dazz smirked. “Watch your mouth about dear, old mum you putz. I think she’s a sexy b**** who ought to be taught some manners. I’d like to teach her naked; preferably on her hands and knees in handcuffs.”
Kilo chuckled. “Okay, if you’re done with your fantasy, I meant what did you think of her story?”
“It doesn’t matter what I think,” there was a shrug in Dazz’s voice. “She’s powerful enough to have us demoted—she could have our badges if she wanted to.”
“When we get back to the hub, let’s file a report.”
“Hell no.” Dazz said emphatically. “I don’t care if she’s building a bomb in her bathroom. It’s not worth me risking my job over.”
“Look, we can file a curiosity report without taking any heat. It’ll probably be ignored anyway. But just in case something is wrong, we’ll be in the clear. We might even get a promotion…I’d love to see her knocked off her high horse.”
Dazz snickered. “And on all fours?”
“You got it.”
Cover art by Quinton Veal
Copyright 2012 all rights reserved

I’ll release my steampunk/SF novel The Switch II: Clockwork this Spring. It will include the original story as a prologue and the sequel as a full-length novel. Stay tuned :)!


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