The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin and the Psychology of Racism


protests for trayvon

These are my thoughts on the Trayvon Martin trial after reading some of the unbelievably racist comments posted about this murdered child.

In reading these comments, all I can do is shake my head and wonder if they’ll ever come a time in America when racism is dead. Maybe. But probably not in my lifetime. I remember the OJ Simpson trial and I was one of the folks in the Black community who thought OJ was guilty. I wasn’t alone. But I remember myriad reasons why folks thought he was innocent. And I wondered what evidence they were looking at?

In reading some of the comments about Trayvon Martin I have deja vue. I wonder what trial these people are watching. This child was walking home in his own neighborhood. An adult followed him and he (Trayvon) wound up dead. Like a young lady just said on MSNBC, Zimmerman got out of the car with a loaded gun that had “a bullet with Trayvon’s name on it.” Zimmerman’s injuries were not life threatening; he’s told one lie after another one and even said that Trayvon’s death was “God’s Will—” a sociopathic statement if I’ve ever heard one. There were so many other ways he could have resolved this situation (including staying in his car) without killing Trayvon.

And this wasn’t half the evidence.

Yet according to some delusional folks Zimmerman was always innocent. Only I don’t think they’re delusional. I think they’re dishonest. And I wish they’d just stop. I wish they’d just say “I hate Black folks” or all “Black boys are thugs” or “I don’t want them in my neighborhood” etc. Instead of insisting that Zimmerman, after he stalked Trayvon (which he’s admitted to) innocently shot an unarmed 17 year old in self-defense. They don’t believe that. They believe that Zimmerman, an honorary white boy, had the RIGHT to take Trayvon’s life if he wanted to. And I wish they’d just say that. But I guess honestly is too much to expect. Maybe 50 years from today?

Trayvon, rest in peace sweetheart. My prayers are with your family.
The struggle for justice, for peace for equality continues…


4 Replies to “The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin and the Psychology of Racism”

  1. I have MANY native and black friends. So does Zimmerman, I’m no where near racist, but I know he’s guilty of 2ND DEGREE MURDER. The facts don’t conclude 2nd degree murder, manslaughter yes. But they didn’t aim for the charge of manslaughter. Read the FACTS that weren’t presented in court and you’d learn a lot.

  2. These are the facts as presented in court and I watched the trial everyday.
    #1 Zimmerman got out of his car with a loaded gun. He’s admitted to this.
    #2 In order for the gun to be loaded he had to “cock it” (something he couldn’t have done while fighting with the victim). Verified by the state. Therefore he had a 9mm with a hollow point bullet in the chamber. And 8 more behind it.
    #3 He pursued Trayvon with a loaded gun (Trayvon was running) which he also admitted to on a Nationally televised interview.
    #4 His injuries were not life threatening which a medical examiner testified to. But anyone with eyes could see that they were not life threatening and Zimmerman refused to go to the hospital.
    #5 He used deadly force in an altercation which HE started by following Trayvon and in a situation where deadly force was not needed. He shot this child in the HEART. Do you think this was an accident?

    And I don’t give a tin shit how many self-hating Negros Zimmerman has as “friends.” That doesn’t make him any less of a racist, a sociopathic a liar or a murderer.

    He could have hit Trayvon with the gun and run; shot him in the leg etc. It is questionable that Trayvon even attacked him, since none of Zimmerman’s DNA was on Trayvon’s hands. We only have Zimmerman’s account of the attack. One eye witness, John Goode, claims he saw Trayvon on top of GZ. Both John Goode’s body language and defiant demeanor indicates that he was lying.

    There are the facts as presented to the jury. They chose to acquit him. This doesn’t mean he wasn’t guilty. Guilty people have received acquittals many times in history; especially when POC are the victims–but oftentimes when White folks are killed as well. The facts of this case actually merited a first degree murder charge since Zimmerman pursued an unarmed minor with a loaded weapon and murdered him. Him saying he was in “fear for his life” is an obscenity. Didn’t Trayvon have the right to defend himself? Don’t you think he was afraid?

    James, you say that you’re not racist. Fine. Then ask yourself this question: why is this case so important to you? I know why it’s important to me. It has far reaching implications for the safety of children everywhere–including my own.

    But why is it important to you? Why is it important for you to believe that a grown man who pursues and kills an unarmed teenager is not guilty of murder?

    Folks of ALL colors, including myself, have come together across the nation to protest this travesty of justice. We WILL have change.


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