As a promotion for my newly released novels: Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds and The Switch II: Clockwork I’ll post my novella, PROBE: Colony: The Beginning. Each week, I’ll post a different chapter so stay tuned 🙂 It’s also free for download at Smashwords and will appear in GENESIS Science Fiction Magazine.

Chapter I
Chamberlain rose from his walnut-framed bed. He was a thirty-two year old, blond man with gray eyes, solidly built and ruggedly handsome. His butler had already drawn the silk curtains and placed a cup of espresso, flavored with fresh cream and lemon peel, on his matching walnut dresser.
He pushed the first button embedded in his nightstand. The hovering computer screen facing his bed powered up, and his personal assistant Helena appeared on the 25 inch screen. Her skin was the color of tanned coconut, and she had blue eyes, with a wide nose and full lips. Her thick, black hair was pulled back in a bun.
He’d heard rumors that the Free World Genetics Division was working on a formula to breed out dark skin and negroid features from coming generations.
Chamberlain smirked. I sure hope not. I like my meat dark… Still, that’s not my call. Space Travel and planet colonization— now that’s my specialty.
Helena’s lips turned up in a professional smile. “Good morning, Mr. Paschal.”
He sipped his coffee. “Good morning, sweetness; what do we have on the menu today?”
“You’re free until noon, sir. At 12 pm, you’re having lunch with Senator Schuyler to discuss financing the first
experimental Probe flights.” Her smile widened. “And you’re going to sell hard, because they’re going to cost billions and take years.”
Chamberlain scowled. “Despite the fact that we still need to find a planet to sustain human life —and an alien species willing to share. We know they’re out there! But I swear they’re running from us.”
Helena raised an eyebrow. “If you were them, wouldn’t you run? I mean, we’ve destroyed our own ecosystem.”
“Careful baby, keep that kind of talk up and you won’t get a raise.”
The secretary smiled flirtatiously and said nothing. She was extremely talented and they’d worked as a team for years. She could take liberties from time to time. True, there were hundreds he could replace her with, but it would take too long to train them.
And she knew him better than he knew himself. Good thing I’m too light to suit his taste, thought Helena. Or he’d add fucking to my job description.
Chamberlain grinned back. “Is that it?”
“No sir. At three you’re meeting with General Pica, from Intergalactic Space Travel to inspect the experimental Probe ship technology and meet the new recruits.
“At 6:00 you have to meet with the head of Earth Colonization, Natalie. I don’t have a last name for her.”
Chamberlain’s handsome face screwed up in a frown. “That’s odd…Is that it?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good deal. Find a suitable place for me and Schuyler to have lunch.”
Helena flashed her professional smile again. “I’ll email the reservations to you within 30 minutes—along with the notes for your first meeting.”
“Helena, you’re a doll.”
She chuckled. “Yes, I know.” The screen went dark.
Chamberlain pushed the second button on his nightstand. “Good morning, Mr. Paschal,” a voice on the intercom above the table responded.
“Good morning Darla, I’ll be down in 30 minutes.”
“Yes sir. Breakfast will be ready.”
He stepped into the bathroom to the right of his bed for a shower. He finished, and emerged, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His suit, shirt and shoes were already lying neatly across a made bed. Chamberlain dressed and headed downstairs through a spacious hallway to his dining room, where his breakfast of porridge, toast and eggs was waiting. It was, of course, still warm. He had a very efficient staff…

Copyright Valjeanne Jeffers Copyright 2012 all rights reserved


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