Confusion Concerning Facts Surrounding The Killing Of Bull Buffalo In Idaho…

Howling For Justice

UPDATE: July 28, 2012

This is most recent statement posted on the Buffalo Field Campaign’s website concerning the killing of the Yellowstone bull buffalo.

“This morning a bull buffalo that had migrated from the Yellowstone region into Island Park, Idaho was shot and killed. BFC patrols responded to the scene only to learn that the bull had been killed moments before we arrived by an Idaho Department of Agriculture official and the Fremont County sheriff’s office. The Nature Conservancy, who owns a ranch and grazes cattle in the area where the buffalo was killed–and at least one other resident–contacted the State of Idaho to notify them of the bull’s presence. According to what BFC learned, the Fremont County sheriff said they called Montana and Yellowstone National Park, neither of whom wanted the bull buffalo returned. The sheriff further claimed that the bull was a “danger” to campers in Idaho and…

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