Incredible article by my friend and fellow steamfunker Balogun :)!

Chronicles of Harriet

STEAMFUNK MAD SCIENTISTS & MECHANICS: Black Inventors of the Steam Age!


Every month, I will feature members of the League of Extraordinary Black People who fit specific Steampunk Archetypes.

This month, I feature the Mad Scientists / Inventors and Mechanics / Tinkerers.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Henry Baker

What we know about early African-American innovators comes mostly from the work of Henry Baker, who was an assistant patent examiner at the U.S. Patent Office. Baker was dedicated to uncovering and publicizing the contributions of Black inventors.

Around 1900, the Patent Office – under Baker’s guidance, conducted a survey to gather information about Black inventors and their inventions. Letters were sent to patent attorneys, company presidents, newspaper editors, and prominent African-Americans. Henry Baker recorded the replies and followed-up on leads. Baker’s research also provided the information used to select Black inventions exhibited at the…

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