Bitter Sweet Victory,..Fox Mountain Alpha Female Spared Death But Will Be Removed From The Wild….

This is tragic and cruel!

Howling For Justice

The alpha female of the Fox Mountain Pack will be spared a death sentence but is being sent toThe Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, where she will live in captivity separated from her four pups, who will be left with their father, the alpha male. This will put tremendous pressure on him to hunt and find food for his growing family without his mate by his side.  Will the pack even survive without their matriarch?

No doubt your  phone calls and emails, along with other wolf advocates, decrying the  impending kill order on this critically endangered wolf, was the turning point that led to the compromise. A big thank you to everyone who spoke out but I feel tremendous sadness that a successful and important breeding female will be removed from the wild. The ranchers won because there will be one less Mexican gray wolf roaming free. This mother…

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