Edward Uzzle’s Vision


Set in what used to be the Americas; now a dystopic and balkanized litter of Nation-States. A surreal glimpse into the spiritual growth of a warrior-soldier from an emerging Black nation. It is a startling vision of ethnic conflict, voudon technologies, and soul bending revelations. Retro-KM is novel that embodies a brand new genre of speculative fiction; cifer-RA (High-Science-Entertainment), brought to you by Daathrekh Publishing.

“This is the worst time for a reconnaissance action. Aten (the sun) won’t be up for an hour and I’ve been ‘tracking’ all night. This place was once a thriving Metropolis. Now it’s a wasted city…”

Worlds will collide. Prepare to have your mind blown.
Edward Uzzle has created a stunning vision of the not too distant future, a universe peopled with techno-warriors, mystic supermen and more. Pro-black and action packed RETRO-KM: Lord of the Landlords is a hard SF tour de force, a journey of epic proportions and a definite must read.
~Valjeanne Jeffers, author of The Immortal series and The Switch II: Clockwork

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