Readers taken on ‘Immortal’ Journey by Genea Webb


Readers taken on ‘Immortal’ Journey by Genea Webb/ New Pittsburgh Courier

Beautiful and transforming are the words that first come to her mind when author Valjeanne Jefferies describes what excites her about the craft of writing.
“It allows you to change the circumstances around you. If you can envision a world that’s better than you live in, you can create an imaginative environment and fill it with extraordinary people,” explained Jefferies who currently resides in Alabama and is a graduate of Spelman College and North Carolina Central University.
That’s the exact formula Jefferies implemented when she wrote the science fiction/fantasy Immortal series of books. The series includes “Immortal”, “Immortal II: The Time of Legend” and “Immortal III: Stealer of the Souls.”
Other novels include “The Steamfunk novels: “Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds 2nd and The Switch II: Clockwork” and “Space Colony.” Her work has appeared in The Ringing Ear; Black Poets Lean South, Revelry, and A Sword and Soul Anthology.
Jefferies chose to self-publish her novels usually through create space under the names Valjeanne Jefferies or Valjeanne Jefferies Thompson. Jefferies has had her poetry published traditionally, but found that getting science fiction published was a different beast…

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  1. Greetings from Sesla – in the Whirlpool Galaxy… I like your work…Writing is really terrific – isn’t it? That is why we write…Seslean proverb – May Sesla’s enchanting nature comfort and guide you…Sesla’s Enchanted Tales – JA Ireland

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