Grandmere’s Secret: Part IV


To create a buzz about my new novel I’m dropping this year, Mona Livelong, I’m going to posting this story in intsallments on wordpress 🙂

Simone and Paul jumped out of the car and ran toward her
apartment–-not stopping to marvel at the Mapou tree that hadn’t
been there just yesterday.

They heard Michelle cry out, and spied the great down on
her balcony. “Get away from my sister!” Simone yelled. “You –!
Where is it? I know it’s here!” She saw the pile of skin lying beside
the Mapou, and pulled the packet of salt from her jacket.

The loup-garou howled and blurred to where she stood
below… pouring salt on to its skin. With a hideous shriek, the
creature was gone.

“Michelle–!” Simone pounded on the door.

Michelle dropped to her knees, hands splayed out as specter
fled her body as quickly as it had come. Simone pounded on the
door again. “Michelle! Open the door!”

Michelle snatched it open and they rushed in. Simone
grabbed her in a crushing embrace; then held her at arm’s length.

“You alright?”

Michelle grinned at her older sister. “You remembered!”

“Yeah, I did… Now let’s get out of here before something
else shows up!”


The three shared their weird encounters over a late supper
of gumbo and dirty rice. Paul laughed shakily. “I don’t
why they dragged me into it–I ain’t even related to ya’ll.” The two
women stared at him. “What? What’d I say? I was only kidding.”

“It’s because of the house.” Michelle said slowly. “All this
started after we put the house on the market.”

“You mean these things don’t want us to sell it?” Simone

“No, they do want us to sell. These attacks are warnings for
us to stay away.”

“That doesn’t make sense!” Simone protested. “I’m all for
the sale–-been that way from the get-go!”

“Maybe on some level you’re not,” Paul mused
thoughtfully. “You just don’t realize it yet.”

“I thought you didn’t believe in this kind of stuff,” Simone

“This is New Orleans. I believe my eyes. One of them loup-garou
attacked me, remember?”

His lover smirked. “Yeah and I saved your butt. You should
have seen him girl! He was all into it!”

Michelle stood up abruptly. “I’m going to get Grandmere’s
gift. I promised her I would. You coming?”

The couple exchanged glances. “I don’t think that such a
good idea,” Simone said. “Besides, whatever she left is probably
gone by now.”

Michelle shook her head. “No, it’s not. They wouldn’t know
where to look.”

Paul glanced at Simone as if to say: “Do something with her
will you?”

“Sweetie, can’t we at least wait until morning?” Simone
pleaded. “It’s almost midnight!”

Michelle was now rummaging though her tote bag and
didn’t look up. “It has to be tonight.”

“You are crazy!” Simone blurted. “And so stubborn–you
always were…! What are you looking for?”

Michelle straightened up and held out her hand. In her palm
were three necklaces each with a tiny miniature machete attached to
it: symbols of the warrior Loa Ogun, and protection against the

“Grandmere Angelique gave me these to give to you before
the storm hit. Afterward, things were so frantic…” she dropped her
head, “I just forgot.”

“Sweetie, maybe these are her gifts.”

“No, they aren’t. Trust me.”

Simone sighed and looked resigned. “Okay, into the night of
creepy demons we go.” She filled a plastic bag with salt. “Just in

Paul grabbed his walking stick and smiled sheepishly. “Hey,
she left me necklace too. I gotta come with you.”

Copyright 2010, 2013 Valjeanne Jeffers, Valjeanne Jeffers-Thompson,
Cover art and design Quinton Veal 2010 all rights reserved.

Contact Authors Valjeanne Jeffersand Quinton Veal at
This story has been published in Specular Mythseed and Genesis Science Fiction Magazine
An excerpt was also featured on Black Tribbles Radio Show: Octavia City


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