Fantastic Books I’ve Edited Week III: N: Eternity Reclaimed

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Today I continue my series of “Fantastic Books I’ve Edited” with a spotlight on Author DjaDja Medjay. DjaDja is the author of N:Eternity Reclaimed, (part of his Renpet series), which I had the immense pleasure of editing. Here’s my review of N:Eternity Reclaimed.

“’I hunger.’

A ravenous voice spoke out from an unknown place—with savage intent. Who and what was speaking? It was as if the air itself was alive with a flesh being’s consciousness..!

‘CHARGE at me!’ I shouted. ‘I want to know what fighting potential this world has!’

‘Yes, sister, I am coming…’” from N: Eternity Reclaimed, by DjaDja N-Medjay.

Author DjaDja N-Medjay deftly takes us on a journey with N a meta-human and time traveler. As N is snatched from one planet—one time to the next—as she fights to survive, she is forced to re-examine her life of conquest to discover the woman within the warrior. We meet her bloodthirsty husband, who has become more and less than a man, a murderous planet and a ruthless general…all who are ultimately searching for meaning and redemption. N is sexy, cosmic and transformative. This is Afro-futurism at its best and I give it an five enthusiastic stars!

Drumroll if you please! I now present, for your enjoyment, Author DjaDja Medjay.

DjaDja N Medjay (the D is silent) was born and raised in New York City. Over the years, he has studied many different modalities of healing and energy. At some point his passion began to take another route, seeing that he took in a lot of different modalities and digested a small percent, he know takes a different approach. Study and Application.

As a youth, he was always attracted to Sci-Fi and Fantasy films. In his adult years, he recognized that much of this genre mirrored themes in Nubian (Afrikan) Culture. He began to develop stories that reflected what he calls the ‘internal science’ of the Nubian Culture. Eventually he developed what he calls THE RENPET PHENOMENON, which is the main theme in his writings.

DjaDja N Medjay practices Martial Sciences and Internal Breathing during the course of his days. He also a Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor and Consultant as well as a LMT. He has taught several Ohashiatsu classes, has a fulfilling practice and offers his services to the community through Metta Lokka, a not-for-profit organization that provides loving kindness to community organizations.

What was the spark that gave birth to your first book Renpet?
This is an interesting question. The first book was developed as a result of reading Octavia Butler’s Pattern Master Series and later experiencing a lucid dream….of the future. Within the dream, I experienced our world after a series of world-altering solar flares which left much of the population removed from Earth. I was being chased by individuals that wanted to cause me harm. Long story short, I expressed supernatural abilities to control fields of energy….as my attackers had supernatural abilities of their own. The next morning I began to write down as much as I could remember and this was the starting of THE RENPET PHENOMENON.

What is The Renpet Phenomenon?
I am still developing this concept but here it is in a nutshell: The Renpet Phenomenon are a collection of cosmically shifting events causing changes in Solar Flare Activity resulting in Post Traumatic Stress of Cellular Activity and aggressive mutation of cellular composition….what one might call Evolution.

Renpet, the word, is an english representation of the Nubian utterance of sound to engender the energy of personified fertility, spring and youth..all elements of time. Used both by the Kemetyu (so-called Egyptians) and Nubians of AFRAKA, seen as a young woman with a palm shoot stemming from her crown (head).

RP, as documented in my Afro-Futuristic Novels, can be approached from many directions. To some degree, we can say one out of its many inceptions started with the introduction of Mitochondria (usage1901, from German, coined 1898 by microbiologist Carl Benda (1857-1933), from Greek mitos “thread” (see mitre) + khondrion “little granule,” diminutive of khondros “granule, lump of salt.”) to this planet within the bodies of certain sea-beings who were transported into the oceans of Earth.

Why is Sci-Fi important to you?
At one point I would of called myself a Sci-Fi and although I still enjoy a good sci-fi movie, my current opinion is that Sci-Fi is DEAD. Having journeyed through many spiritual sciences and practices while acknowledging each culture puts their spin on these practices, I come to the conclusion that my focus in the literary arts should lean towards the developing genre called Afrofuturism. My reasoning is that I have not seen or experienced, the science-fiction genre acknowledge its humbled beginnings…Nubian spiritual sciences and cultural stories.

In addition, I have yet to see any Science Fiction story or concept fully acknowledge the creator or omnipresent force (maybe George Lucas) that operates on the mechanism of spiritual unity and love. Most storylines illustrate man’s attempt to control nature while the Nubian culture encourages working with nature. Furthermore, I feel it is the responsibility of all Nubian writers to steer their focuses in the Afrofuturism direction. It is important to project images and ideas that you want to be reflected in years to come…there is an absence of humanity and love in Sci-Fi….but it is getting a bit better.
What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect a strong push for mental and spiritual growth through literature as well as ‘bill-boarded’ images and concepts of Afrofuturism. I am also formulating a villainous scheme for animation and a potential film. You can also expect an interesting tie-in between my health and healing practice and my writing, as I encourage more people to become involved in natural internal sciences and practices while in-taking the life energies of the Sun…

However, until then…you can expect to see my next Afro-Futurstic Novel…Rising Depth to be released in Winter.

Rise in Excellence. DjaDja Medjay


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