On this glorious Monday I continue my blog series, “Fantastic Books I’ve Edited,” with the extraordinary Ced Pharaoh. Ced has a written a wonderful collection that falls into an unusual sub-genre: SF/horror poetry. Honestly, Ced has penned some of most frightening poetry I’ve ever read…except perhaps since Edgar Allen Poem. And like Poe, his poems are horrific stories that draw the reader in and make him or her wonder (and fear) what’s peeking around the corner. So without further adieu I present an interview with Author and Publisher, Ced Pharaoh…


Who’s Ced Pharaoh?

Born in Chicago, IL and married in front of thousands at The African Festival Of Arts. I’m a Father, Husband and a lifelong bookworm. My earliest favorites were, of course comic books/graphic novels but that branched out into mysteries (Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes etc), thrillers, poetry, non-fiction biographies and sci-fi/fantasy! However, a book called The Legend of Tarik by Walter Dean Myers really got me. It wasn’t spelled out, but I KNEW that Tarik was a was a thin book but was packed with excitement and adventure…

I’ve used my love of reading and writing in past marketing positions and opportunities from bios, media releases, advertising copy, voice-over scripts, new media interviews and blog posts. I’ve always written poetry and short stories, in particular Sci-Fi/Fantasy where the only boundaries are the limits of your imagination and the only rules are…there are none! The possibilities are endless!

What are your current projects?

My main focus is The Legacy Chronicles. It is series that mixes sci-fi/fantasy, African Mythology, and influences that take place in modern times. The first book, available on Amazon is Watch The Shadows, a digital book of dark urban fantasy poetry that introduces the reader to some of the characters, ideas and concepts in The Legacy Chronicles. If you like Edgar Allen Poe, horror and such, Watch The Shadows should have the flavor to sink your teeth into. I call it an appetizer.

I can’t wait to publish the second Book which is a full novel called URBAN MAGE: The Legacy Chronicles. I have finished writing, and I am in middle of the second editing draft of the book. Once I’m done with that, I will submit it to an editor for the fine tuning and polishing. Urban Mage is about a young activist named GlyphX who wants to make a difference in his community. During a trip to Africa, he finds his Calling, or did it find him? He learns that his ancestors are the The Keys (Immortal descendants of The Ancient Gods), who are waging a war against Demon Sorcerers of the Chaostic Daemoni Ordo.

Now the Fate of the World is at the tipping point and Chicago is right in the middle of it all! Taking activism to another level, GlyphX trains under the Mystery Systems to tap into mystical powers, overcome his fears and unlock his True Potential! He is one of The Keys to Earth’s survival. He must stay vigilante and Watch The Shadows. Evil exists. He has the Power to stop them, if he believes. GlyphX is the URBAN MAGE!

I am very excited and can’t wait for this book to be released!

I’m also penning short stories to submit to a few anthologies. In addition, I have written a few comic book scripts and story enhancements for clients that hopefully will be released in 2015.

What are your inspirations for writing sci-fi/fantasy?

As I stated, my early love of reading comic books, fantasy/sci -fi novels but also for the void that I felt during those times. The void I speak of was and is the lack of Black characters missing in storytelling mediums; books, movies etc. In terms of reading, as Sword & Sorcery author Charles Saunders said, my visits to the authors’ imaginary worlds were enjoyable for the most part. That lesser part, however, grated like a stone in my shoe. That stone was racism. I realized that my ideas were valid, had weight, and held a unique perspective that could be exciting and entertaining.

Also, I’ve taught public school teenagers that they have an important gift and talent to share with the world. Their voice! Once they understood that they have a right to have their voices and stories heard. You can see it in their faces; the confidence found is a game changer and they seek out other voices and faces that look like them.

How important is it for people to see themselves in the stories and movies of the world? I’d say it is tantamount to the psychological well being and continued success of each and every person. For Black youth, it can be a paradigm shifter of thought and behavior; inspiration from a cultural source that can expand their belief in the possibilities of the future. This is why the lack of heroic and/or adventurers in fiction/science fiction and fantasy are important. It runs parallel to the fact of the historical void of Blacks in nonfiction events that have shaped the World, in particular the U.S., where the accomplishments, heroics and adventures of African/Blacks have been either erased, covered up or minimized.

Lastly, my inspiration is my son, who loves reading as much as I do.


What is your website and other links you can be found?

My author website is and you can read my blog and check out some fan fiction that I’ve written.
Also, my Amazon page is:
And my GoodReads page is:

Contact Valjeanne Jeffers for editing and cover art at:

Valjeanne Jeffers is the author of eight science fiction/fantasy novels, and she has been published in numerous anthologies. Purchase her novels at and Amazon

She is co-owner of with poet and artist Quinton Veal. Contact Valjeanne for editing, and/or cover art at: her reasonable prices will shock and amaze you 🙂



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