FANTASTIC BOOKS I’VE EDITED: WEEK V: Fire and Desire (and Other Erotic Tales)


The CollectedWorks



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Happy Black Speculative Fiction Month! Tonight I continue my blog series, “Fantastic Books I’ve Edited,” by showcasing the spectacular erotic art, fiction and poetry of Quinton Veal. I’ve had the pleasure of editing all of Quinton’s books. We also work together: He is co-owner of So without further aideu I present Quinton Veal!


(A portion of this interview was previously published in Issue #1 of The O.T.H.E.R. S.C.I. F.I. Magazine)

Who is Quinton Veal?
I’m a writer, artist and the author of four books. I’ve also been published in the anthologies: Poetic Gumbo; Hurricane Katrina Couldn’t Break Us; I Want My Poetry To…; and The O.T.H.E.R. S.C.I.F.I. Magazine.

Tell us more about your art?
I’ve designed and created the covers of more than a dozen books. I created the covers for my own four books: Her Black Body I Treasure, United Souls: Stories and Poetry of Seduction; The Collected Works of Quinton Veal; and Fire and Desire. I illustrated Her Black Body I Treasure and The Collected Works… with my own erotic art. I’ve also created the covers for books of speculative fiction by Valjeanne Jeffers, including: Immortal III: Stealer of Souls; Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds; The Switch II: Clockwork; Grandmere’s Secret; The Visitor; Voyage of Dreams; Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective; and Colony Ascension: An Erotic Space Opera.


Quinton could you tell us how you developed your style and how long you have been an artist?
I developed my style naturally from years of experience. I’ve been drawing for roughly thirty years, off and on. When I was in the fifth grade, I entered an art contest and I won first place. That was when I discovered I had a talent to draw. I have the gift of seeing an image or images on paper even before I actually draw it, as if its a template I’m using to trace my drawings.

Do you work in watercolors, pen, ink or digital mediums?
I do work in watercolors, oils and acrylic paints; but I prefer to work in digital mediums. Digital art is less expensive to create, and gives me the freedom to share with others the moment I finish a painting.

Where do you hail from and do you do commission work?
I’m a native of East Saint Louis, Illinois. I currently reside in Belleville, Illinois. Yes, I do commission work and I’m very affordable. I’m co-owner of Q & V Affordable Editing with Valjeanne Jeffers and we specialize in reasonably priced cover art and editing services. You can contact us at:
You can also contact me for commission art work at:

Did you have an interest in speculative fiction prior to your work with Valjeanne? If so, how did it manifest itself; through viewing films, TV, reading books, comic books, through your own writing, etc?
Yes I did. I’ve always loved speculative fiction books and movies—I dig them all: steamfunk, horror and SF. My genre is erotic fiction and poetry. But I’m a big, big horror fan. I’m actually working on a collection of erotic horror poems (I can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out). Some of my favorite films are Star Wars, Star Trek, Tales from The Hood, Candyman, and Blackula. Some of my favorite books are Valjeanne Jeffers’ Immortal series, Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery and Cujo; and Dean Koontz’s Your Heart Belongs To Me.

Valjeanne Jeffers

Contact Valjeanne Jeffers for editing:

Valjeanne Jeffers is the author of eight science fiction/fantasy novels, and she has been published in numerous anthologies. Purchase her novels at and Amazon

She is co-owner of with poet and artist Quinton Veal. Contact Valjeanne for editing, and Quinton Veal for cover art at: Their reasonable prices will shock and amaze you 🙂


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