Sycorax’s Daughters

Sycoraxs DaughtersSycoraxs Daughters.jpg2.jpg

Edited by Kinitra Brooks PhD, Linda Addison, and Susana Morris PhD
(Cedar Grove Publishing) Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award!

“I am very in favor of people telling their unique stories, as a way of bridging any cultural gaps. And speculative fiction is an excellent vehicle for that. So when Linda Addison offered me a chance to review Sycorax’s Daughters, I jumped at the chance. It’s a hefty read; over 500 pages long so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Sycorax was a black sorceress in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In the introductions, Dr. Brooks says, “our project fills the lacunae by privileging Black women’s visions of self in horror over their previous problematic characterizations as constructed by others. Sycorax has ensured that her daughters are provided the opportunity to speak for themselves.” So, this was horror as unfiltered by white imposition on black culture? Sounded good, although I am a fragile reviewer who hates horror. But I promised I would read it so I will keep my word. I hope the nightmares I get when reading any sort of gruesomeness will not be too bad …

This story is followed by a poem about a hanging no one admits. That opens for “Taking the Good” by Dana Mcknight: a hidden hanging in a dyke bar, involving tentacles. (Did I just write that sentence in a review? Yes, and, well…it fits.)

I was surprised they included a novel excerpt in this book. But it’s good, and just enough to make you want to read more of the Creole/steampunk/Haitian “Paranormal Detective II” by Valjeanne Jeffers …

“The Ever After” by L. Marie Wood…at first felt like slipstream plus horror. If there is anything I like less than horror, it’s slipstream. I don’t like the sensation of nothing making sense, of the laws of the universe being unreliable. So of course some of the horror genre has to be slipstream. But this wasn’t what it seemed. Scary and sad, this one will haunt me …” Abyss & Apex

Available at Amazon

Valjeanne Jeffers on Amazon

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