Scierogenous II: Spotlight on Sumiko Saulson


Sumiko Saulson

The Mysterious State of We-Ness
by Sumiko Saulson
Angelo’s Birth (excerpt)

The medical uses were numerous. The machines monitored your heart rate, your blood pressure, your blood sugar, and put you on life-saving diet and exercise regimes. They adjusted your tastes in food so you no longer craved the salt that raises your blood pressure or the sugar that made your grandmother diabetic. Electronic caregiving We-bots were popular among the elderly and the disabled. They were as sociable as a nurse and as affectionate as a cat. In fact, cat was a popular form for the MediWeBot. Imagine a talking feline who answered the door for you if you weren’t feeling up to walking down the hall? After a while, people started attaching the MediWeBot to their feline or canine companions.

It was not long, of course, before the sexually functional versions of these human-meat-and-silicone-chip bots were created. The erotic companion would slide in and out of the mind of its host human, discovering his or her most secret and craved fantasies. I know some people joke about the erotic models, calling the male models B.O.B. or Battery Operated Boyfriend after the old joke for vibrator.

I am not ashamed of my personal tin man. His name is Angelo, because he looks like an angel to me when his face flashes under my face. I can see him there, laying under my skin, holographic overlays, and his long, slender blue-black fingers like gloves over my shorter, plumper mahogany ones. He draws himself over me, and holds me with arms of my own. Now it might sound creepy to some, letting an electronic man control your body. But he knows how to control it, if you know what I mean! He sure can give a hand job, and he knows how to rock an orgasm when we’re going solo, with or without an additional prop. No vibrator is necessary because he can manipulate my body from the inside.

Just one thing is starting to bother me about him.

It’s how he acts towards Peter.

Peter is my friends with benefits. Not saying that our relationship isn’t satisfying, because Peter is really the man when it comes to knowing how to satisfy a woman in bed. Peter is stocky like Horus with caramel skin, long wavy hair, and soft, pouting lips below a narrow mustache. He spends most of his spare time at the gym, and it shows. His rock-hard abs and his firm, round bottom bring to mind an athlete, not a business man. He packs a lot of heat in the bedroom, he’s well endowed, and he knows how to use it. It’s not just wham bam thank you ma’am with him. He takes his time with kissing, touching, deep tissues massages that leave me feeling like every muscle in my body has been reborn. If he wasn’t who he is, maybe we could have something serious…

Sumiko Saulson is a cartoonist, science-fiction, fantasy and horror writer, editor of Black Magic Women and 100 Black Women in Horror Fiction, author of Solitude, Warmth, The Moon Cried Blood, Happiness and Other Diseases, Somnalia, Insatiable, Ashes and Coffee, and Things That Go Bump In My Head. She wrote and illustrated comics Mauskaveli, Dooky and graphic novels Dreamworlds and Agrippa. She writes for the SEARCH Magazine. The child of African American and Russian-Jewish parents, a native Californian and an Oakland resident who’s spent most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit Sumiko at: www.

Scierogenous II: An Anthology of Erotic Science and Fantasy edited by Valjeanne Jeffers and Quinton Veal. Contributing authors: Quinton Veal. Sumiko Saulson. Cranston Burney. James Goodridge. Penelope Flynn. William Landis. Laura Elena Cáceres. Valjeanne Jeffers Copyright 2018 by Valjeanne Jeffers and Quinton Veal, all rights reserved.

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