Scierogenous II: Spotlight on Cranston Burney


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Domencia and the Magic Juan
(A Fable for Our Times)
Cranston Burney (excerpt)

In a less enlightened time, Domencia Trejo would be called a “madam.” In a way she was sorry she missed those times because she would have relished the note and the notoriety, “proper ladies” looking at her askance with frigid smiles, while envying her freedom, her power her money (which came mostly from their husbands) and all the unbridled sex she was having …

Today, she was just another businesswoman trying balance her books, even though her accountant did all the number crunching and all she actually did was swipe the screens floating in the air in front of her. Everything looked good, except for one annoying outstanding account.

That annoyance would be The Client Known as “Dennis Davidson” (a politician who got a perverse kick out of using that particular nom de sexe). Politicians in particular had to be “careful;” they might not be doing anything more (and often less) than what the people whose votes they courted were doing, but in the hands of an opponent…

Say DD liked getting spanked on the ass. ( As it happened, that was one of the things DD paid for.) Use a wooden brush or a paddle or even a cooking spoon and the Environmentalists were after you because a tree had to give its life to satisfy your selfish pleasure. So you use a belt or a whip, and the Vegans were upset because an animal had to suffer for your… even if it were already dead. So, you used something synthetic, and it’s the Environmentalists again because how much was the Carbon Debt increased?

Domencia’s clients paid her for confidentiality as much as for sex: she was a licensed attorney and psychotherapist …

Cranston Burney, a life-long blerd (and proud of it), used to eat the Sunday comics when he was a kid because the colors looked tasty. (This may explain much regarding how he eventually turned out.) When not staring at a blank Word document he contributes media commentary to the Black Science Fiction Society’s website and is a frequent contributor to Discussions from the Otherhood, the official podcast of the Other_Sci_Fi Magazine. He’s #T’Challa, but Erik did have some good points.

Scierogenous II: An Anthology of Erotic Science and Fantasy edited by Valjeanne Jeffers and Quinton Veal. Contributing authors: Quinton Veal. Sumiko Saulson. Cranston Burney. James Goodridge. Penelope Flynn. William Landis. Laura Elena Cáceres. Valjeanne Jeffers. Copyright 2018 by Valjeanne Jeffers and Quinton Veal, all rights reserved.

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