Scierogenous II: Spotlight on William Landis



Blind date with Ma’at
William Landis

It happened very easy, though she was a smart
accomplished college girl, a senior at Harris-Stowe.
A sophisticated lady I took her to an art museum
The halls were pretty empty it was after 7 pm.
Walking past a Botero she had something to tell
She wasn’t truly normal, she was born with a veil
She had visions—all the works of art had a tale
She paused and said not all of them end very well

She’d go off in a gaze and get lost in a trance
When she came from it, I said that I wanted a glance
We walked around a corner there was a gold sarcophagus
Suddenly we locked lips she pushed my back to an obelisk
Beside a hieroglyph of Thoth she wanted to show me the truth
Beneath the eye of Horus she knew just what to do …

William Landis is an agriculture extension agent, national guard soldier who writes science fiction, and horror poetry in his spare time. He has been previously published in Scifaikuest, Tales of the Talisman, Scryptic, Star*line, Bloodbond, Niteblade, and the Dwarf Star Anthology. He is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University.

Scierogenous II: An Anthology of Erotic Science and Fantasy edited by Valjeanne Jeffers and Quinton Veal. Contributing authors: Quinton Veal. Sumiko Saulson. Cranston Burney. James Goodridge. Penelope Flynn. William Landis. Laura Elena Cáceres. Valjeanne Jeffers. Copyright 2018 by Valjeanne Jeffers and Quinton Veal, all rights reserved.

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