Reconcilliation Please!!

Lord knows I love me some Brother President. But I have lost patience with him when it comes to his trying to negotiate with Republicans.
#1 290 bills passed by the House are sitting in the Senate because Republican Senators refuse to vote on them
#2 The Gop is misusing filibusters to hold up legislations (they have “spiked”) since Obama took office
#3 Democrats have allowed the GOP to chip away at Obama’s health care plan (killing the public option) and haven’t gotten a damn thing for it.
#4 Obama’s health care would save billions over a ten year period and create jobs.
Its time for President Obama to scrap bi-partisanship and the Democrats to call for up or down (majority) votes. In other words reconcilliation.
Don’t take my word watch MSNBC. Sisters and Brothers what say you?

President Obama Keeps on Keepin On

Valjeanne —

I just finished delivering my first State of the Union, and I wanted to send you a quick note.

We face big and difficult challenges. Change on the scale we seek does not come easily. But I will never accept second place for the United States of America.

That is why I called for a robust jobs bill without delay. It’s why I proposed a small businesses tax credit, new investments in infrastructure, and pushed for climate legislation to create a clean energy economy.

It’s why we’re taking on big banks, reforming Wall Street, revitalizing our education system, increasing transparency — and finishing the job on health insurance reform.

It’s why I need your help — because I am determined to fight to defend the middle class, and special interest lobbyists will go all out to fight us.

Help me show that the American people are ready to join this fight for the middle class — add your name to a letter to Congress today:

We have finished a difficult year. We have come through a difficult decade. But we don’t quit. I don’t quit.

Let’s seize this moment — to start anew, to carry the dream forward, and to strengthen our union once more.

President Barack Obama

My Flow

What’s your copesthetic?

I churn like rivers rich and muddy
past a southbound railroad
the smell of molasses,
honeysuckle and fatback
in my nostrils

Move angry and gentle
floating on a peach horizon
that wakes the day and kisses
it goodnight

Rotate with an R& B bass
Blues not far behind — the jazz and
rock n roll it spawned in my ear

Like the rich, black soil of Georgia
a sponge giving and receiving
fantastic creatures that
gyrate in your nightmares
whisper in your dreams

Love-doings hot,
funky, savored
flavors my soul
and I dare to speak
eternity to my man

I leap on the sceams of my ancestors
a drumbeat pounding in my spirit
that will not be denied
Let me strain and give birth
to those riding under my skin —
these fierce, hot beings
that yearn to awaken

What’s your flow?
What’s your essence?

Tell the story….

Copyright Valjeanne Jeffers 2010 all rights reserved

Excellent Reveiw by the Mistress of Indy Magazines Herself: Queen PurpleZoe!

“The indie stream is still learning to walk in a climate of non-autonomic thinking masses, but progress is being made, thanks to POD and e-presses that are giving us the opportunity to finally choose for ourselves. Many indies are not yet as marketing-savvy, or funded as the formulaic-giants of industry, but word of mouth and interesting approaches to getting word out about new projects holds up a light in the dark for newcomers, and veterans alike that we may only now be coming to know. Sources such as Goodreads, and Shelfari are helping us discover new voices all of the time. If you’re a member of them you’ve probably heard whispers of the Immortal trilogy penned by Lady Jeffers, a weaver of post-apocalytpic peace where shapeshifting Lycans as well as underworld kinds walk. Two of the books have been released, to high acclaim—- receiving 5 stars from APOOO books is no small feat—-with the third set for release in 2010.

I recommend Immortal to appreciators of speculative literature that respects the smooth brush of spell-binding prose. Very few writers know the importance of making words dance on the page. Our shelves deserve to be fed works that do.”

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Immortal 2nd edition at Smashwords & Kindle!!

Greetings readers & fans 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that my novels are available for immediate sampling and sale in multiple ebook formats, readable on virtually any ebook reading device. Here are my direct links. Enjoy :)!!
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