Fantastic Books I’ve Edited: Week VII: Warriors of The Four Worlds


Happy Black Speculative Fiction Month everyone! On this glorious Monday, I continue my blog series with one of my favorite “hard science fiction” gems: Warriors of The Four Worlds by Ronald T. Jones. What can I say about Warriors of the Four Worlds? I love this book–absolutely love it. Warriors… has action and futuristic weaponry galore, with nail-biting suspense and a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. To top it off, the novel is funny too–a must (in my humble opinion) for any five star yarn. So, without further adieu I bring you Ronald T, Jones, author of Warriors of the Four Worlds.

Ronald T Jones

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(This interview was first published by Malcolm “Rage” Petteway,Rage Books Publishing LLC ).

Can you tell us something about your book?
Warriors of the Four Worlds is an action-adventure tale set in a far off future in a distant part of the universe. Humans are struggling for survival in the face of certain extinction at the hands of a brutally aggressive species. Warriors is narrated from the perspective of a hardened military veteran, Lev Gorlin, who is forced to take up arms once again to confront a new threat. Lev’s methods in defense of humanity are as merciless and aggressive as the enemy he battles.

How did you come up with the idea?
Honestly, I don’t remember. I do know that I approached this story as I’ve approached previous and subsequent stories. I wanted to present the best action and adventure that I could muster. I wanted twists and turns and peril aplenty in my story. I wanted to convey noble and perhaps not so noble heroics and the most dastardly, despicable villainy. Basically, I wanted to write a story that I would enjoy reading.

When did you start writing and what inspired you to write?
After gorging on a steady diet of Star Wars, Star Trek and all of the TV, film and literary science fiction that I could consume, an idea took form in my head and began flittering around inside my skull like a crazed moth attracted to light. It occurred to me that I don’t just have to watch this stuff, I can write it as well. So one day, back in the late 80s, I grabbed a pen, some paper and started writing.

Why did you pick science fiction?
It never occurred to me to write in any other genre. Science fiction was, is and will always be my passion. This isn’t to say that I’ve only read and written science fiction. But as far as fiction is concerned, science fiction has given me the greatest latitude to expand my imagination, to truly envision wondrous, strange and fantastic things.

What do you want readers to come away with after reading your book?
I want readers to come away with that pleasant endorphin-generated feeling you get after enjoying a wonderful movie, or a fine piece of chocolate or a great workout. I want my readers to feel good!

Who is your intended audience?
Science fiction fans, people who enjoy rip roaring action and adventure in any genre, anyone enamored of compelling story telling. Hopefully my work will attract any and all of the above.

What writers influenced you the most?
I’ve enjoyed the works of David Weber. His space operas are very engaging and his world building is truly epic. The same is true of fantasy writer, Imaro-creator, and godfather of Sword and Soul, Charles Saunders. There’s Steven Barnes and a host of other authors whose works I’ve enjoyed over the years.

What are your favorite aspects of writing?
I love creating characters and settings and situations. I love taking the raw material of my imagination and refining it into gripping prose.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Write, write, write. Constantly hone your craft. Write regularly, even if you’re not writing something related to your latest novel or short story. If you’re jotting down a to-do list, you’re writing. The more you write the better you get. Read regularly. Reading proficiency is connected to competent writing. And read aplenty in the genre you’re writing in. You’ll pick up a variety of styles from a variety of authors and eventually your individual style will emerge. Lastly, enjoy yourself. The moment writing becomes a chore instead of something you love so much you’d do it for free (which many aspiring writers are doing anyway) then it’s time to reevaluate your craft.

Review by Rage Books

Powerful, intense and unpredictable
Lev Gorlin is a highly decorated military soldier. He is a superb strategist and a war hero in a galaxy where Humans and Zirans protect the genetically docile Vingin through a tripartite alliance. . After a twenty year war with the Tacherins the humans begin a military drawdown, dismantling their lethal weapons that won the war. But in the eye of a promised peace, discord in the alliance breeds treacherous intentions. Lev Gorlin is pulled out of military retirement to lead the human resistance in face of a more aggressive and violent enemy.

Ronald T. Jones delivers a knockout punch with this exciting tale of military might versus strategic cunning. Warriors of the Four Worlds reads like a Tom Clancy novel. Ronald has embodied the action, intrigue and excitement of Clancy’s Red Storm Rising and masterfully wrapped it in a believable science fiction setting. The combat scenes and the military tactics he describes are told like a combat veteran relaying a personal war story. The feelings are raw and the action is fast.

I highly recommend putting this on your “next book to read” list. Definitely five star material here.

This is available for Kindle, which is great, because you will definitely want to take this book with you and steal time to read it at every opportunity until you are done. Then you will want more.


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United Souls: Stories and Poetry of Seduction

Twilight Time
(an erotic tale/excerpt)

He said: “Baby you know what I like, and I love showing you time after time. Let me give you my lips— anywhere I want to put them on you. . . so romantic and very intimate.”

She said: “I love doing what’s right to you— giving you all of me—being freaky and naughty to make you happy…”

Unexpectedly, she lifted up her miniskirt: showing her thick, smooth thighs and fire-engine red panties and boots. She walked slowly over to him, and put her arms around his neck.

She said: “I like you kissing my body and thighs and eating my pussy. . . thinking about it making my knees buckle.”

With Her Black Body I Treasure, Quinton Veal left his imprint as a superbly talented erotic poet and artist. He left his readers thirsting for more. And now he delivers his second volume of sexy, sensuous poetry and fiction, United Souls, that will leave even the most jaded lover satisfied.

Come into the wet gardens of United Souls…come and taste what Poet Quinton Veal has to offer.
~ Valjeanne Jeffers, author of the Immortal and The Switch series

Copyright 2012 Quinton Veal all rights reserved
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Launching Our New Site

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Quinton Veal and my new site. I’m a science fiction writer and the author of the Immortal saga and The Switch series. Quinton is an erotic poet, graphic artist and the author of Her Black Body I Treasure and United Souls: Stories and Poetry of Seduction. So it’s a really nice mix. Stop by and browse through our titles, read the spicy excerpts, purchase or just hang out :).

United Souls by Quinton Veal

“Baby you know what I like, and I love showing you time after time. Let me give you my lips— anywhere I want to put them on you. . . so romantic and very intimate.”

She said: “I love doing what’s right to you— giving you all of me—being freaky and naughty to make you happy…”
From United Souls…Twilight Time (an Erotic Tale)
Cover art by Quinton Veal
Copyright 2012 all rights reserved
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Soul of a Woman by Quinton Veal

Candles silently burn her love melts me like hot wax
Sun her light omits warm soft rays of her
beauty from within

Like the sound of an African Congo her heart beats
through me seeking my love she wishes to capture

Her thick hair slightly brushes my face with scent of
untamed wild passion. Her delicate
brown skin feels of silk when I touch her with my
soothing hands as I stroke the nape of her neck
with tenderness and care

Her soul fights with courage
day by day to keep her head high.

Her actions speaks
louder than words to survive her wars

she stings with every

using love as a weapon to conquer hate.

Copyright 2010 Quinton Veal all rights reserved
From Her Black Body I Treasure
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